D3D4 Walsall correspondent & columnist Darren Young looks back on the season so far for The Saddlers…

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Could do better. Could do worse too.


If it’s possible to tell how a season is going based on how many false dawns you’ve had, this should be pretty easy.


The number of times you change your mind about the manager is also a tell tale sign.


Let’s start with that. Jon Whitney has an uncanny ability to win enough games at just the precise time as to make you eat your words; only to then lose the exact number to make you spit them back out again.


I’ve lost count of the number of stomach lurching times I’ve done it already this season and I’ve had enough – it’s just not worth it.


The season so far can be summed up very easily and in a way that doesn’t require any in-depth analysis or a game by game review.


At the beginning of August, thought we looked as mid-table as you could get.


Twenty odd incredibly frustrating games later we’ve proved to be exactly that.


So I’ll focus on one game because it pretty much sums the campaign up as a whole.


Rochdale away. Crappy weather, cold, damp, problems on motorway meant the trip took twice as long and then we played utterly rubbish with the odd glimpse of what might have been sprinkled in.


We got on top, conceded at the exact moment we should have been making the pressure count and then idled away to another disappointing defeat which we could follow with a rant about the manager.


Only in the last minute, just as knives were being sharpened, we equalised. The only person more surprised than me? The bloke who scored. I can still see the expression of ‘what the hell have I just done?’ in his face under the freezing foggy gloom.


Then they got clapped off, and another bullet had been narrowly dodged. Until the following Saturday anyway.


You don’t need to know about the embarrassment at Rotherham, the much improved display v Scunthorpe, the back heels v Fleetwood, the fight back at MK or the feeble folding at several away grounds.


They are but footnotes on a season that has been and will be as mid-table as it gets.


Because I’ve seen enough to know that unless anything changes drastically on or off the field this January, we’re going to do the exact same thing again in the next twenty odd games and end up something like this….


W15 D16 L15 GD 0


What an exciting prospect. Roll on August.

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