With quarter of the season gone Shrewsbury Town are still unbeaten….just pause and absorb that fact because if anyone says they saw that coming they’re either a liar or a clairvoyant.  Ian Evans, the D3D4 Shrewsbury Town Correspondent looks at how Salop have done so far…

site dedicated to all things League One & TwoWho has been the best player in your team?

I have been really impressed with Alex Rodman this season. He really seems to have jumped up a performance level this campaign. We all know wingers tend to be mavericks at times, but both of Salop’s are well drilled in their defensive responsibilities and they are both delivering on assists and goals. That said though you can’t really look past Jon Nolan. Not only does the midfielder resemble former Salop graduate Ryan Woods, some have said he plays better than him. Great on the ball and bringing his teammates into the game he is also happy to put a foot in if needed. He has really stood out so far. His winning goals in back to back games against Southend and Oldham were both excellent finishes and were just reward for his endeavours in the opening ¼ of the season.

Who has been the most surprising player in your team?

I have to be honest here and say all of them! There was no way any Salop fan would have said we would be top after 10 games. I predicted a mid-table finish, but the way the team have played is incredible and that is the thing, that has been what Paul Hurst has done, first a foremost he has built a team. A team who want to play for each other and who are happy in each others company, so as a result they are happy to work hard and have each others backs on the pitch. There is a lot to be said for this team malarkey! We have seen it clearly in the last couple of games against Walsall and at Plymouth. When we have gone behind no one has panicked and the team have stuck together to keep the unbeaten run going!

How have you done against expectations?

Well obviously we were one of the favourites to go down this season, but it was totally clear that those predictions were from people who had looked at the bookies odds and had foolishly followed something that the bookies were judging on the performance of the previous season. That is the thing though we are sitting second, but I don’t think you will find one Salop fan who is getting carried away we know that this is likely to be a short term thing, though quarter of a season unbeaten is so impressive….but that won’t stop us daring to dream, we will just be quiet dreamers!


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