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Earlier in the season Accrington Chairman Andy Holt made a few observations on twitter regarding ticket pricing at his League Two club.  The tweets were refreshingly honest and open and a credit to the man who champions honesty and transparency in football.  Here is what he said:

Ticket Price Realit

1.At all clubs average home fans pay less than away fans because season tickets are sold at way below the headline £20

2.Ticket price for home and away fans has to be the same.  This is right in my opinion.

3.We have around 20,000 away visitors, if we cut our headline price by £5, this costs the club £100,000 annually

4.This £100,000 has to be made up somewhere, we won’t get more away fans regardless, as long as we are reasonably priced.

5.When our fans go away they pay around £20 they don’t get special low prices

6.Clubs have run ‘pay what you like’ schemes on a donation basis which allows no VAT on tickets to be paid.  Guess what fans paid?  Average £3

7.Of our £2.2 million turnover total season ticket receipts are less than £100,000 (approx.)

8.Our total revenue of fans home and away is less than 20% of the cost to run the club.

9.£20 isn’t a small amount but it doesn’t cover the cost of running the club.  Remember £4 is paid in VAT to HMRC.  Yes we declare and pay!

10.Accrington is about football.  if we go out of the EFL we lose 50% of our annual income.  This will not be covered by increased gates.

11.Fact, those grumbling about £20 ticket prices aren’t paying anything like £20.  Fact, the club gets less than £10!


ASFC Income Stream Receipts in Order

1.Solidarity + EFL



4.Cup Runs




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