D3D4 Luton Town correspondent Richard Armstrong thinks the time has come to say goodbye to Kenilworth Road…

site dedicated to all things League One & TwoSo as an away fan visiting the theatre of hell that is Kenilworth Road they always comment on ‘having to go through peoples gardens.’

Luton’s ground is unique, there is no other ground in the country like it. The ‘executive boxes’ on one side, the lopsided stands on the other. It’s been my home for 35 years, it’s been Luton’s for far longer. The ‘Old Girl’ as it’s known has seen so many wonderful memories it’s also seen some heartbreak. For me going to reserve games on a Tuesday afternoon with my grandfather we’re some of my favourite memories of my childhood, he would tell the same stories over and over again but it never mattered. Going to games with my father and I’ve taken girls on dates there (how lucky they are)

But it’s time to say goodbye. The plan for a new 17500 all seater modern stadium with room to grow is in with the council. Another soulless bowl you may be thinking, well you would be incorrect. The club have listened to the fans feedback and we have a four stand stadium planned smack bang in the middle of our town.

I’ve visited these ‘modern’ grounds and the majority of them are horrifically soulless. Take Coventry, Colchester, Oxford and West Ham for example. The plan isn’t just about the club and us fans. It’s about our town, a town an awful lot of us are very proud of.  A new retail park forms part of the plans just of the M1. Hotels, Bars and flats all being built near the ground.

Luton has huge potential, for a club so close to London we do well, despite the last 10 years we haven’t lost our fan base. And with the new ground that fan will only grow. With the ground we’re a championship club, there’s no doubt about it. The only opposition is from the owners of the current shopping centre which is awful, for some reason they don’t see that this will increase their business. All were waiting for now it’s for the council to say yes.

As for the ‘old girl’ sometimes you know when it’s time to let go. And say thank you.

Here’s what ‘Power Court’ is planned to look like…

site dedicated to all things League One & Two

14 responses to “Luton Town’s New Home by Richard Armstrong”

  1. The Outsider says:

    [i]A new retail park forms part of the plans just of the M1.[/i]

    NO, NO, NO, NO !

    It is not a retail park – this is what C&R want people to believe but it is anything but – there are loads of other things planned for that site as well as a relatively small amount of retail.

  2. Jhw says:

    Please ‘re write the newlands park bit.
    Hotels, offices, leisure are the main part of j10, not retail

  3. Margaret Chowdhury says:

    The development at Newlands Park is mainly offices and leisure. The only part that can be said to be retail is high-end store(s).

  4. Charlie Farley says:

    High end retail, ha,ha, more like Poundland

  5. Daz the Hatter says:

    After 60 years of talking about it, and watching all our rivals either build new stadiums, or redevelopment completely of old stadiums, it is about time. We were the last side to play at Middlesbrough’s Ayresome Park and first to play at Readings Madjeski stadium, playing in 5 different levels of the top 5 divisions, it’s about time we moved, I will not miss the slum that surrounds Kenilworth Road and I will not miss the embarrassment of passing by household waster dumped in the Alleyway at Beech Path.

    Onwards we move, to a decent stadium for all of Bedfordshire to be proud of, not to big, not to small, just right, sitting alongside a beautiful grade a church and between 2 rail stations, on the busway and near bus stops connecting the whole of Luton and Dunstable and our neighbouring towns. Power Court is something I pray we get, as it takes the club off of the life support system keeping alive since we lost our top flight place in 1992.

    But until that first digger enters the site, I waiting baited breath,fingers crossed, hoping our one love,LTFC can come home, fit and well ready for the next 133 years. COYH

  6. Rick O'Shea says:

    C&R have exclusivity on Poundlands Mr Charly Farty.
    NP Will be more M&S and Waitrose.

  7. Kevin Rouse says:

    Capital and Regional in the form of their representative here on Earth, Ken Ford, has stated that he and they will kick the plans for both Power Court and Newlands Park into the long grass for years to come. This coming from a company that says in its opening pages of its website that they form an integral part of the communities they serve. Oh, the irony here. In Walthamstow, 3000 people signed a petition against Capital and Regionals proposal to destroy what was left of their green space and extend their Mall and build 25-storey luxury apartments which blight the whole town center and also, in turn, chop down 140 trees in the process. Here in Luton, the opposite has happened in that 11000 people wrote in and supported both applications of a new stadium at Power Court and a mixed-use site at Newlands Park including offices leisure facilities and a small high end retail units. The two communities polar opposites but wanting the same thing TO BE LISTENED TO! Capital and Regional spout on about how they are here to help and reflect the views of the people they serve when in all reality they are exploiting those very people in the hearts of those communities! We all know that company’s talk shite about social responsibilities and being in the heart of everything that goes on, what else would you expect from modern day Britain but they fail to see is their brand in the hearts of these communities are becoming toxic. Walthamstow Labour Party, as it has become clear, rubber stamped its decision before a public meeting with Capital and Regional, therefore the campaign to stop the destruction of rare green space and its biodiversity in that area looks like it has been lost forever. Our campaign for a new stadium is on a disused power station that long disappeared into past and has stood unused for nigh on 15 years. Building an iconic stadium which it will become because of the thought and dare I say love which has gone into the design of the stadium and the surrounding infrastructure would absolutely transform Luton as not only as a football town but the inward investment it would attract would create many thousands of jobs. Ken Ford on 3 Counties Radion being interviewed by the excellent Justin Dealy incredibly labeled every football supporter in the land as hooligans. Bizarrely he opted to use our bitter rivals Watford as having problems on match days which with respect is completely ludicrous! We are currently awaiting the decision from Lutons planning department for a meeting whether the plans will be approved. We have already waited 18 months for a decision due to the fact of the threat from Ford mentioned earlier as the PD have to make sure that the process of the applications is watertight and that they the PD haven’t overlooked some technicality that basically could cost someone their job! Ford who was meant to have retired has been kept on for “special projects” guess who the special project is! The naysayer comments above are in the minority in the town, most people think the applications have already been passed many don’t understand The Mall, always the Arndale to the people of Luton, are objecting. We are all waiting hoping that this time justice prevails and we as a town and football club go to the next level.

  8. Rick O'Shea says:

    Doesn’t stop your mum trying though does it Mr Farty?
    Now run along and finish your dinner, those chicken dinosaurs won’t eat themselves.

  9. Daz the Hatter says:

    Why is that? Care to enlighten us?

  10. Ian Bradley says:

    TBH all the away fans will be pleased when Kenilworth Road is no more. It was simply awful for away fans. I hope you get the same springboard for success as we got immediately after moving into New York Stadium

    • Daz the Hatter says:

      How have things improved for you at Rotherham.

      • Ian Bradley says:

        Well Daz the first two seasons at NYS we were promoted, 2012/13 from L2 to L1, 2013/14 from L1 to the Championship, then three seasons in the second tier before last season’s relegation. In that time our gates have almost trebled & now have 5500 ST holders. I’d call that some semblence of success wouldn’t you?

  11. ShaUK nawaz says:

    It’s about time Luton borough council approve power court as Luton new football stadium it’s needs to move with times this is 2018 look at other clubs with new stadiums better facilites it attract more supporters better access to get there by car or train people deserve better out with old in with new come on Luton borough council time change make it happen

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