The D3D4 Football Podcast Episode 1 – League Two Preview

In the very first D3D4 Football Podcast James Richards and Luke Saunders take a club by club look at the coming League Two campaign with an extensive look at Cheltenham Town’s new recruits…have a listen…to download, right click on the download button, save as and then save to your chosen destination on your computer or device..

3 responses to “D3D4 Football Podcast Episode 1 – League Two Preview”

  1. Rateus says:

    Interesting listen guys, thanks for pulling this together. I follow my own club (Stevenage) closely in the off season, but the others much less so, so it’s interesting to hear this sort of overview to balance up our own summer signings and hear some external opinion on them.

    Will Newport have a pitch that you can play football on next season. Doesn’t really matter the quality of the players you sign if you force them to play in a swamp. Alex Samuel looks like a good prospect, really pleased we picked him up!

  2. Tom Jones says:

    The WRU are laying £1million desso pitch at Rodney Parade. Do keep up!

  3. Reece Donnelly says:

    Very interesting listening and great podcast imo there
    Would love to appear as stevenage supporter if I could
    Highly knowledgeable but not too show off
    Perfect balance of opinions and knowledge

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