It is a special 10 game (yes I know it is technically 11) review podcast where James Richards and Chris Stringer take you through the start all the clubs in League One have made so far, looking at each club’s best player, most surprising player and their performance against expectations…hope you enjoy! to download, right click on the download button, save as and then save to your chosen destination on your computer or device..

One response to “D3D4 Football Podcast Episode 12b – League One 10 Game Review”

  1. SFB says:

    After these opening games, Plymouth Argyle are stuck at the bottom of League One and are embarrassing to one and all. On top of that, the manager believes Argyle can turn it around, despite being awful every week. I am still hoping against all hope that they can finish the season above the drop zone, but I am not convinced as yet.

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