D3D4 Coventry City Correspondent Kevin Halls talks us through 2017 from a Sky Blues perspective…


site dedicated to all things League One & Two2017 for us Coventry City supporters has seen us going to Wembley to win the Checkatrade Trophy beating Oxford United 2-1 when we took 43,000 Sky Blues fans to cheer the team to victory. But it also was the year that saw us get relegated to the bottom tier of English football, so I would use the word bittersweet to sum the year up, but if I could use some swear words they too would be also apt.

Don’t get me wrong going to Wembley on a sunny day in April was great, as I was there in 87 when we lifted the FA Cup when we beat Spurs in one of the most exciting finals ever. And to be among such a massive support of 43,000 fellow City fans this time round felt truly awesome. Yet relegation down to League Two which is the Fourth Division in old money was a kick in the teeth, and a bitter pill to swallow in all honesty.

I started my support of Coventry City as a youngster just as Jimmy Hill had taken over so its been 50 plus years following the club, but sadly Jimmy’s hard work and success as a revolutionary manager has been now overshadowed by total mismanagement by our dreadful owners, who have dragged us down to where we currently are. And as they are still here and unfortunately not looking to go and cause misery somewhere else, this year could be called bittersweet, but if I could use some expletives aimed at our owners from Hell I would.

But as they say in football parlance: “We are where we are and we just have to get on with it.”

My best player award would go to Rod McDonald who is nicknamed “Concrete” and he sure has added some toughness at the back and alongside Jordan Willis has been the reason we have got the meanest and tightest defence in the division.

Worst player award isn’t a category I enjoy as I’m a firm believer that all footballers try their best when they step on to the pitch. But as I’ve been asked to name a player I’d have to say the biggest disappointment has to be Max Biamou who is called a “Striker” but he hasn’t a clue how to stick the ball in the net. But the manager Mark Robins keeps on playing him so he must see something in him, but for me I’d get rid and bring in someone else. But pleasingly another striker Marc McNulty has finally started to score goals and some stunning goals they’ve been, so he is slowly winning our fans over including me, who have been vocal at times at his poor finishing, but he has kept going and looks a decent player at this level of football.

So my club’s resolution for 2018 should be to strengthen the squad for our aim in getting promotion, but to keep hold of our quality players and not get rid to bring in poorer replacements. But as I’ve wrote earlier on with our appalling owners at the helm will they splash out? But with their track record we shouldn’t hold our breath, as they really don’t seem to care about us fans or the future of this great football club, all they seem to care about is endless court appearances!
But as a Coventry City supporter I want to try and be optimistic so my resolution is to keep following my team, and to just keep on believing, and to hear in 2018 that SISU have finally gone. Now that would make my new year!

2 responses to “Coventry City 2017 Review by Kevin Halls”

  1. Toby Foster says:

    I see rumour has it that Birmingham are poised to buy Rod McDonald for £500,000. Although that would mean Coventry lose one of their best players, that is certainly a good investment seeing as you signing him on a free from my team (Northampton)!

    We never allowed Concrete Rod to develop as a talent at our club and sadly we paid the price for it when he left. It’s nice to see him doing well because he’s a top player but it’s unfortunate that we couldn’t keep him.

    Good luck for the rest of the season. Your club is too big for League Two!

  2. Kevin Halls says:

    Thanks Toby for your positive comments at the end. We were a big club but we’re now just a League Two side, but the days of the Premier League are long gone. I hope we don’t sell McDonald as he has been tremendous for us so far this season, but as we know all too well clubs get rid of their best players all of the time. Anyway all the best for the rest of the campaign.

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