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site dedicated to all things League One & TwoAfter being asked to do a review of Colchester United’s lacklustre first 10 games of this season, I struggled to find much to rave about. Indeed, one would be forgiven for calling the review hopelessly melancholy. And while I’ll always admit to being a pessimist (or a Colchester fan, it’s basically the same thing), even I have to admit my 10 game review was pretty hopeless.

Well, my excuse is that I was asked to do my 10 game review 3 games too early because no sooner had my piece found its way onto the D3D4 Football website: The Almighty U’s had begun a resurgence.

The last four league matches have culminated with an unbeaten run, two clean sheets and confidence pouring from every part of the club.

After an unlucky away draw against Grimsby on 26th September, Col U finally found that long awaited away win against unbeaten-at-home Yeovil – and a clean sheet to boot. As well as that, The U’s January signing Sean Murray has really come into his own as he’s been involved in all of the goals scored from the last three games (scoring the winner against Yeovil, bagging a second against Mansfield and setting up Mandron – to bring his goal tally up to 3 for this season – to finish off a great 2-0 win against The Stags).

site dedicated to all things League One & Two
Star striker Kurtis Guthrie injury set back

Admittedly, things aren’t all rosy. Saturday’s (14th October) game against Carlisle ended in a tight 1-0 loss, The U’s injury problems are ongoing and January will mean a number of players heading home. The usual suspects are continuous injury worries. Szmodics, Reid and Loft are regulars to the injury list but are also essential pieces in the Col U puzzle. Additionally, Guthrie’s long awaited return has had another set-back and not to mention the other long termers.

As mentioned, January is going to come sooner rather than later and unfortunately that will mean a number of players leaving the club. The likes of Reid, Comley, Hanlan and Kabamba are all potentially leaving in January with their loans/contracts up. That would mean United losing two strikers and two midfielders, leaving them potentially worryingly short. Time will tell but it’s certainly something that will be on the back of the minds of everyone at the club. On the other hand, by that time, winger Brennan Dickenson will possibly be back from injury and striker Guthrie certainly ought to be back by then.

Now onto the match against Carlisle. Although Saturday ended in a loss, the home team had the best of the stats and the chances. Reid and Hanlan both had good chances in the first half and both Murray and Hanlan again will be wondering how The U’s didn’t score following a double save from Carlisle’s keeper. Wright had a good shot saved towards the end but it all counted for nothing following Devitt’s 58th minute winner. Indeed, recently, there have been very few games The U’s haven’t firmly been in and this one was no different. So, with a bit more luck coming Colchester’s way and as long as they manage to keep those essential players fit, fans will soon have something to shout about again following the end of their 3 match unbeaten run.

On another note…

site dedicated to all things League One & Two
What a legend: Sammie Szmodics

Sammie Szmodics. Often injured but always beloved by Colchester fans. The chants “He’s one of our own” and “Super, super Sam” really do ring true with this player.

Currently out of action thanks to an ankle injury, Szmodics is still giving fans reason to love him even more. The little local legend is still managing to show fans how much they (and the club) mean to him.

He recently received some mail from a young fan and Mr Szmodics took it upon himself to head straight over to the lucky lads house for a visit and a game of FIFA! (You would think he’d have let the young fan win but I suppose footballers never lose their competitive edge!)

Regardless of where the club finishes up this season, Colchester United is lucky to have a player like him. Sammie Szmodics is a great example of loving the club and fans he plays for and a fantastic example of why people still support their local teams.

Find the video here:

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