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Welcome all to the second edition of ‘A View From The Posh’. Aswell as covering the Posh, I have also expressed concerns of a lack of television coverage for our teams in Leagues 1 and 2. So here we go………….


Saturday 19th August 2017, English Football League 1, GAME #3


(You can all find the full match report for this on ‘Match Reports week 3’).


Saturday 26th August 2017, English Football League 1, GAME #4


Revell 85                                   Edwards 32, Morias 41, Marriott 75

Maddison (pen) 90+2


Another fine away performance at local rivals Northampton, Posh sold out their away allocation and received value-for-money. Gwion Edwards opened the scoring for the Boro with a fine solo effort, a little before the break Morias added a second, going back on himself before releasing a measured shot into the corner of the net. The ‘Cobblers’, fans, plenty who had seen enough started flooding to the exits. Marriott kept his fine goal-scoring run going adding a third, before Revell scored a consolation for Town and only their second of the season. Posh consolidated two consecutive 4-1 away day victories with Maddison adding the fourth from the spot in stoppage time


Tuesday 29th August 2017, Checkatrade Football League Trophy, Group Stage.


Morias 2, Maddison (pen) 21


Posh played a shock strong eleven in the much maligned adaption born from the ashes of the Football League trophy. Morias and Maddison, again from the penalty spot sank the Saints’ youngsters in front of a marginal crowd, which should come as no surprise.


OVERVIEW: Since last time, the reported 3-4-1-2 formation is working a treat at the Posh. A move in technical and tactical dimensions I never believed McCann would adopt, let alone work. The way it seems, I have been fruitfully proven wrong.

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Where will Ricky Miller fit in?
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Attacking-wise, which I don’t normally go into grand depth on, is looking even better with the use of this formation. With playing an attack minded midfielder or even a lesser potent forward playing behind an expansive front two (Morias, Marriott), generally for example. This has worked and has rained in the goals. A good dilemma to have is where the promising forward Ricky Miller is going to fit in, once he has served his ban.

The midfield is very attacking/expansive, yet the wingers have the ability to drop back and accompany the back 3 to form a make-shift back 5 when warranted. This is also leaving two centre-mids as the shield. So this model can work just as well defensively as it can attacking wise.






I’m sure many have realised and are frustrated regarding the ridiculous “down your throat”, coverage of the Premier League, now even having a Sky Sports channel dedicated to their franchise.


The arm-chair fans who surround TV sets for their Corporation (Top 6), Premier League side can buy a Sky subscription and theoretically have a season ticket as a lot of these said individuals would ever dream of attending a game anyway.


What happens with fans who support teams in Leagues 1 and 2, with no piece of the TV pie remaining in theory, we have the pleasure of attending games and actually experience atmosphere that you won’t experience in your front room or a pub.


The 48 teams in Leagues 1 and 2 are condensed in action goals-only programmes on both Channel 5 and Sky Sports, both adaptions spanning a mediocre half hour each.


When these two divisions are covered in televised matches, it’s the Play-offs and during International breaks as the big/overpaid boys are out getting paid by their countries. The real reason they/the broadcasters use the two divisions in this period is because their ratings suffer a bashing when we get a choice of Luxembourg v Bulgaria or San Marino v Andorra on the red button.


So in source Leagues 1 and 2 provide Sky’s fat-cats over these infrequent periods with well watched lower league/real football. However once the big boys are back off duty with their countries it’s back to just Prem and the Championship existing on Sky’s radar.


I remember a time in the mid 90’s when Divisions 1,2 and 3 were near-enough given a much better designated coverage, however the Prem was not shown nowhere near to the level it is now.


At least here on this website, we can read and listen (via the podcast), from like-minded, passionate and real fans who actually attend football.


Until next time take care, see you soon for Episode 3.

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